This position is for 8 hours at 180 days per year.


If you are a current employee please apply through the "Internal" link found at the top of this page (this does not include substitutes).

This position's responsibilities are to patrol school property, and to respond to incidents pertaining to the safety and protection of district students, staff and property.

Depending upon the individual assignment, the Campus Safety Assistant may perform all or a combination of the following:

1. Responds to calls pertaining to the safety and protection of district students, staff and property.

2. Provides guidance and instruction to students on consequences of their actions; discusses options and choices.

3. Patrols areas in and around schools as needed; confronts trespassers as necessary; assists in the intervention of individuals who are committing or suspected of committing crimes on or near school property. Assists the principal and staff in dealing with disruptive students.

4. Talks with students and non-students to gather information on potential problems, and confronts them as appropriate. Reports violations of laws, district rules and regulations to school authorities.

5. As directed by the school principal, investigates rumors, activities or incidents which have occurred or are likely to occur that are disruptive to the campus environment, including drugs, alcohol, fights, crimes and gang activity; builds relationships to promote communication.

6. Informs school and district administration of problems on or adjacent to campuses involving students and non-students.

7. Assists the principal in responding to incidents involving alcohol, drugs, fights and the confiscation of weapons from students and non-students.

8. Prepares reports describing situations around the school campus for use in student discipline, law enforcement agencies and the courts as necessary; maintains a variety of records and statistics.

9. Works with local law enforcement and school district officials to enhance the safety of the campus and students; provides information to staff and students concerning property protection and safety measures; maintains positive working relationships with students, staff, and outside agencies.

10. Assists the principal or law enforcement officers in the investigation of crimes; questions suspects, witnesses and victims of crime; maintains confidential information as appropriate.


11. May be called on by school administration to transport students with behavioral or health problems.

12. Operates video camera, two-way radio, digital pager and cellular phone. May drive a district vehicle.

13. Supervises student activities and events such as dances and sports.

14. May serve on various district committees and/or departmental work teams. Models appropriate and cooperative behavior, including protecting confidential information consistent with district ethical guidelines.

15. Performs related duties consistent with the scope and intent of the position.
16. Works flexible working hours when requested by principal.

Reports to the assigned school principal(s). Receives coordination and guidance from the Risk and Security Manager.

Confrontational situations require constant awareness and attention to personal safety; required to represent the district on potentially controversial matters; may work extended shifts to cover student activities; required to deal with distraught or difficult individuals; may be required to meet deadlines for submitting incident documentation.

Requires visual concentration and physical dexterity; required to stand for prolonged periods; required to work outdoors in inclement weather; exposed to confrontational situations; may be involved with restraint of students or adults.


Education and Experience
Education, training, skills and experience necessary to carry out the assignment; one (1) year of experience in law enforcement field preferred. Training or experience in drug/alcohol abuse awareness, prevention and control preferred; experience with youth preferred; training or experience working with diverse racial, ethnic and cultural groups preferred.

Allowable Substitutions
Such alternatives to the above qualifications that the district may find appropriate and acceptable.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Skill in communicating with individuals and groups of all ages, backgrounds, and educational levels. Ability to maintain control of tense and potentially dangerous situations. Skill in proper use of security equipment. Knowledge of investigatory techniques preferred. Skill in monitoring security and safety. Ability to make effective, quick decisions. Ability to perceive security and safety breaches. Ability to assess emergency situations. Ability to remain calm under pressure. Ability to operate a two-way radio. Ability to accurately document activities and occurrences. Ability to guide and instruct students in school safety issues. Ability to communicate security and safety procedures to district staff and students. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision. Ability to function effectively in a multi-ethnic and culturally diverse environment. Ability to work with students having behavior disorders or belonging to what are considered "at-risk" groups. Skill in listening and evaluating information. Ability to establish and maintain strong and effective working relationships with a culturally diverse population or staff, students, public, and law enforcement personnel.

Licenses/Special Requirements
Requires fingerprinting and background check to determine that there have been no convictions involving physical molestations, abuse, injury or neglect of a minor. Must complete training in and adhere to district infection control plan. Valid Washington state driver's license with class 2 endorsement and a good driving record. Sufficient physical agility to perform assigned duties. Passage of pre-employment physical and testing is required of this position (the District assumes the cost.)

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